Thursday, January 17, 2013

An award show you might prefer

   Are you bugged by Ben Affleck's snub at the Oscars? What about Javier Bardem? And Looper for screenplay? And the Dark Knight Rises getting NOTHING? Well I was disappointed about that too. Some people don't like the Oscars and/or golden globes and don't see them as the "Best and most fair" award show  (For never nominating Sci-Fi films or letting Brave win for best animation...) so for those people, I found an award show they might prefer!
   This award show is the YouReviews movie award and it is the third time they do it since the disappointing snub of The Dark Knight at the 2009 Oscars. For the 3rd time, popular youtubers who reviews films or do things that has to do with film, all take a vote on certain categorys more fit for people and give the award to the film they like best that year. Their thoughts for best picture are not that much Lincoln, Beasts of the southern wild and Amour, (although these weren't bad) but they also think about movies like The Cabin in the woods, The Dark Knight Rises and Looper. These guy might not be as professional as the people behind the Oscars but this might be good for audience because it is easily accessible (Youtube), will not make the audience say "What's that movie???" as much, and has some different categorys then the Oscars that could be interesting.
   This is the 3rd time they do this award show and the different awards are changing (in a good way) a little bit every year to improve so they currently don't have a really fix list of different subjects. For example they added this year the award for "Biggest stinkpile" which means worst film of the year. I find it cool because it would ad humor in the show. Again the goal of this award show is to be the awards for normal reviewers so they won't do extremely detailed category but rather the major ones. The show has a few interesting categorys like best underrated film which is for films that were good but didn't get the audience they should have got. There are still best Actor/actress and picture but they include awards that people would like better. For now this award show isn't presented in an big theater but if this get's enough success I'm sure they will be able to present it as formally as people's choice award or something like that. Just wait a few years. Here is the link for the nominations of this year's ceremony:                                                                                                                                

   Do you find this rising in popularity award show good? Are you thinking about watching the results? Don't be shy and comment below! Also if you like this article don't hesitate to +1. or like it on Film art's facebook page! See you soon for a review of Zero Dark Thirty coming soon!

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