Sunday, January 6, 2013

holiday review pack

    I don't know if you guys like the dark knight trilogy as much as I do but for Christmas I asked for the dark knight trilogy box set with all three movies of the series. Unfortunatly, I didn't get it so we only watched (mostly) bad movies on TV with advertisements at every 5 minutes instead of Batman awesomeness with no suspense break. Well, I still made up for that by going to see three movies I wanted to see over the holidays at the local movie theater and made my own holiday movie pack. I will review all three in the order in which I saw them:

         Lincoln is Steven Spielberg's latest film in which this time stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln. Steven Spielberg is working bit by bit with every famous actor in Hollywood and this was Day-Lewis' turn. Before I saw this movie, everybody was screaming that Daniel was amazing and should definitively win Best Actor at the Oscars. I thought he was great, but not amazing. This is not his best work for sure. If someone should win an Oscar in this movie, it shouldn't even be Sally Fields (which once again was great but not amazing) but David Strathairn or Tommy Lee Jones. The story focuses on one month in particular when Lincoln is trying to pass the constitution13th amendment. It might not have been the most important event of the slavery abolition process but the movie is based on a book who chose this passage and they made it well so I went with it. This movie is almost only dialogues (or voting) but the screenplay kept it interesting and funny at times because of either Tommy Lee Jones or the three drunken stooges (I don't remember their names but they were well made funny characters who fitted in the plot). Overall, like Argo, people are saying it's amazing but I thought it was good. Lincoln is another good Steven Spielberg film and I give it a B+

         Django Unchained is Quentin Tarantino's new film and his first western. I'm going to say straight up that this movie is as perfect in action as Skyfall but more fun(ny), Bloodier and rewarding in story. The movie is about a black slave called Django who get's freed by an unusual bounty hunter, Dr. Schultz, to help him find a wanted man. But the story is also about revenge and delivering  Django's wife from slavery. All of the actors in this movie from a black slave with very little dialogue to Django in the leading role were all great even amazing performances. Jamie Foxx nails it, Christopher Waltz nails it (again) and even Kerry Washington with a less than supporting role. The two scene stealers though were Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L Jackson. Tarantino puts in a lot of great jokes in this film like most of his others which keeps it fun and also some dialogue between Django and Dr. Schultz for good character development. Tarantino also put some western spaghetti music or references which is actually pretty cool (including a short appearance of old western spaghetti star, Franco Nero). The last scene of Django is so similar to the last scene of Skyfall that I wonder if the directors talked to each other about these things. I though that this year's best action movie was Skyfall but once I saw "Django", I have to say it is like an upgraded Skyfall. I'm not saying Skyfall is terrible compared to this, they're actually pretty close. But I preferred Django and I give it a fairly rare A

         Django Unchained was the best action movie I've seen this year but Silver Linings Playbook is the best comedy drama I've seen this year. I've been thinking "What's bad in this movie, what's bad in this movie..." and really the only thing I could come up with is that the characters swear a lot. The story is about a man with mental problems who saw his wife cheating on him. He and Tiffany who also has mental problems are trying to help each other in life. It is the feel good movie of the year surpassing "Les Intouchables". There are well developed, well acted and characters we can easily relate to in this movie. The story is really interesting and keeps you wondering what will Pat do. It's really well filmed in cinematography and keeps a good art direction. This is Jennifer Laurence's shot at winning Best Actress (although apparently Jessica Chastain was better in Zero Dark Thirty) and Bradley Cooper's chance of getting nominated for Best Actor. Robert deNiro, Jacki Weaver and Chris Tucker were great too (mostly Robert deNiro but the supporting actor category is getting really pilled up). This is really all I have to say, I could not spot anything bad. This just might be the best movie of the year but we'll find that out in a week so for now I give it an A

   To conclude, I hope you guys had a great holiday, new year and end of the world. Sorry about my delay, I had to study for an exam and spend some family time for vacation. So what did you guys see during the holiday break? Make sure to comment below. And I will be doing a top 10 best movies of the year as soon as I see a few more like the Avengers (yes I haven't seen it, shame on me...) and Zero Dark Thirty coming out next week. Until then, see you next time!

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