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Top 10 films of the year

   2012 has ended safe and sound with no end of the world. Well, that was a few weeks ago but that year I watched enough good films and had enough time to think to be satisfied of making a top ten list of movies this year. I haven't watched every well reviewed movies that came out this year so here is a quick list of films you you will (sadly) not see on my list:
     - Les Miserables
     - Moonrise Kingdom
     - Flight
     - The Master
     - The Sessions
     - The Perks of being a wallflower
     - Frankenweenie and Wreck-it Ralph
     - Anna Karenina

   Of the movies I fit into my list, some of which I liked couldn't fit. But since I liked these films I will still name them to say that they were also great entertainment:
    - 21 Jump St. for being one of the funniest movies of the year and for proving Channing Tatum can act.
    - The Avengers: For awesomeness, great screenplay, characters and action.
    - Argo/Lincoln: for being great (but not amazing), They were great entertainment and fun too.
    - Chronicle: Incredible acting, directing, screenplay and one of the best found footage films to date.
    - Beasts of the Southern Wild : for great story, acting and originality

   And finally, the top ten movies of the year! Remind yourself this is the top ten of my opinion so if you disagree, that's normal, in fact, you can share your disagreement in the comments below for additional opinions. All right, here we go:

     10. AMOUR:
   This movie has a lot of buzz probably because of it`s subject, but what I though was more interesting was how the story was visualizer  It`s a tough subject and the screenplay makes the story look so real. It has powerful performances even with a slow rithum and has a puzzling end that leaves you shocked. This film barely won for the 10th spot instead of Beasts of the Southern Wild.

   That's right, another french movie on my list, but this one was not necessarily better because it's more of a comedy than a drama like Amour was. I understand french, and jokes don't always translate to English so I found it better than most Americans  It is a great "feel-good" movie (if you understand french) and the story and the acting is great too.

It was either The Avengers or this that would go on my list for a Joss Wehdon film. This film doesn't only have a twist in the story but has a great script and comedy. It's really something to think about in terms of the film is almost a big metaphor of the mind of a director who wants to do a basic horror film "Evil Dead" style and his own characters go against him.

   Yes there were a few things that disappointed me, but the overall of the movie was really well executed and kept my interest. Jessica Chastain was fantastic and I also loved how suspenseful the movie was towards the end. I haven't seen the Hurt Locker so I can't compare but I think this movie might just be in this case one of the director's best films.

     6. SKYFALL:
   This movie made me want to see every James Bond film over again because it inserted every bond thing you liked to make a near perfect recipe. This action film was a lot better than I expected, sure the story was not amazing but the shots were really well made and Javier Bardem does a great villain in the James Bond saga. Some people were disappointed but I wasn't one of them

   Everybody had high expectations for this film after "The Dark Knight" and yes, it really was epic, not as good as the second , but Bane was perfect in Tom Hardy's hands. It's a story that doesn't forget its dark and without hope style of a super hero movie and the subject of heroism. The trilogy ends in a satisfying way and in a way, like it's not over...
     4. LIFE OF PI:
   A boy on a life boat, haven't we heard that story a million times? Never like "Life of PI". Ang Lee did a fantastic job to recreate the unfilmable book and made it the best coming of age film of the year. The script is powerful and never bores you and even makes you feel for the Tiger. I have to admit that I was close from crying in "Life of PI"

     3. LOOPER:
   Looper is the most original film I have seen this year, I would have never came up with such a story. Joseph-Gordon Levitt's performance is the best Bruce Willis performance. How could this film not get nominated for best original screenplay? I again almost cried during this movie. There is a confusing but satisfying ending for a great film we don't see often.

   Skyfall was not the best action movie of the year because of this obstacle. Quentin Tarantino does a fantastic job and so does his actors. The script is one of the funniest he has ever made while keeping its great dialogue and action. Number 1 and 2 on my list could switch around but because of all the violence I decided to keep Django here.

   I could not think of anything bad about this movie. I'm serious, There are well relatable and developed characters, with great acting and a really good story that is both taken seriously and fun. It was well writen well shot and had good ideas and a good subject. Out of all the films that were nominated for the Oscars, this is the one I think should win.

   I saw The Impossible but only the day I posted this and didn't feel like puting it in a placement but I will do a review about on my next post. Big thanks to Paul-Albin Bertoye who photoshoped the picture above, you can check out his phot website at So what do you think about my top ten list? What's your favorite film this year? Don't be shy and coment below. Also if you like what I do you can subscribe to Film Arts or give it a +1. Thanks for reading my article and see you next time.

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