Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Movie ads

   Let's start this off by saying "NO, 49ERS LOST!!!". I love the super bowl, and I'm sure you guys do but as a movie fan, another exiting thing for us is the film advertisements that gives us exclusive never before seen clips of anticipated films coming out on the new year. I like the funny car or candy or Doritos advertisement too but I'll talk about the film one, does it make the film look cool? Does it give us new information or nothing new and things like that.

   - World War Z: Probably the most disappointing spot of them all, this was the exact trailer but shorter. It forgets the point of why people put advertisements at the super bowl. It's o.k if people didn't see it before but grading this is like grading the previous trailer, minus a point for repetition, and the previous trailer didn't make it look very good. 2/5

   - Oz the great and powerful: This barely doesn't show anything new but their release date is soon and they released already quite a few trailers so they have a point. Also the trailer made it look more epic than that trailer with the white doll thing that is just annoying. I don't want to see this movie but I guess I'll think again, now that I saw this. 3/5

   - Fast and Furious 6: Wow. That was cool. The car scenes were great (+ a tank), This is the first trailer for this movie and it was pretty cool. It keeps the sexy part, the awesome car chase with over the top explosions and a surprise from Michelle Roddriguez. If this is going to as good as the fifth installment  than count me in! 4/5

   - Star Trek: Into Darkness: And I thought the previous one was awesome. This one was amazing, showing new epic content and the best scenes from the trailer. This spot made my anticipation for this film emphasize and it reminded everybody what is the most anticipated film of the year. The spots just get better and better. 5/5

   - Iron Man 3: The game spot was a 30 seconds clip with iron man saving passengers falling from an exploding plane and that was cool and unique. The extended trailer also had some action scenes but had that clip at the end. I liked that because no one thought about putting an epic movie clip on air. Iron Man 3 now does look pretty cool 4/5

   - The Lone Ranger: This is the longest spot being 1 min and 30 sec but it was really well done with a little bit of humor at the end. This spot was still pretty cool giving the shots from the trailer you loved and some new ones. That's really all I can say. 3.5/5

    The ads this year weren't bad and proved us there will still be some good films coming out this year. Hope you guys liked this overview of the spots, So what was your favorite movie spot, or commercial at the Super Bowl? Don't be shy and comment below. If you liked this article, don't forget to like on Facebook or give it a +1. Also please subscribe to Film Arts for all the latest articles. Next week, I will be doing the review for The Impossible. See you there.

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