Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oscar talk 2013

Was Seth Macfarlane a good host? We won't be answering this question here. We will be talking about the results of the Oscars. I had to watch it until midnight unlike the previous years since I'm now in Boston, so I was tired the next day. It might not have been worth it because of some disappointing results, but it still was entertaining. I will not be covering every category like a professional, but I will cover the ones I find interesting and worth talking about.

   Makeup, costume...: We knew Anna Karenina was going to win an oscar in a minor category, we just didn't know which one. Well, it ended up being costume design. Les Miserables won best makeup and I think they deserved it. As for production design, for me it was either Life of PI or Lincoln. Life of PI had already won Cinematography and Visual Effects so Lincoln won.

   Documentary and Animation: I haven't seen any of the documentaries but apparently, it was obvious that Searching for Sugar Man would win, and so it did. In the Animations, I only saw one, Brave which I though was good. Everybody was disappointed that it won at the Golden Globes and so were people watching the Oscars. I can't tell if Wreck-it Ralph should have won but I guess no one watched the animations and voted for Brave because it was Pixar who made it.

   Suporting Roles: Anne Hathaway won, no surprise here. But we sure did not expect Christoph Waltz to win at all. I was thinking Tommy Lee Jones or Robert De Niro would win hoping Robert would get it. But at the end, I was happy Christoph won, I did not think about him winning and once he grabbed the oscar I was glad he won, he did a great job in Django.

   Music: For these categories, I was satisfied with the results. Life of PI won for Best score and that was well deserved, and of course, Skyfall from Adelle for Best Original Song. I would not have been too disappointed if Suddenly from les miserables won and I liked it but I'm more satisfied that Skyfall won.

   Directing: Even if I thought Steven Spielberg would win, I wanted David. O Russel or Ang Lee to win. I'm glad Ang Lee won because I thought he did a better job than Steven in those films made this year. I thought that would make Life of PI win Best Picture with 4 oscars but it didn't.

   Actor/Actress: Who we thought would win won and those results were satisfying. That's really all I have to say.

   Screenplays: For original screenplay, I was rooting for Amour or Django Unchained. Well, Django won so I wasn't disappointed and Amour still got respected winning for Best Foreign Language film. Now for adapted... I mean Quentin Tarantino said it himself, this is the writer's year having amazing screenplays this year but I still don't think that of all the possible choices, Argo won above Life of PI, Silver linings Playbook, or Beasts of the Southern Wild. I knew though that whoever won this would have a good chance for Best Picture.

   Best Picture: Ideally, I would have personally liked Silver Linings Playbook to win for it was the best movie of the year. But Argo won. Did people like Argo that much? Am I the only one who didn't like Argo that much? I was disapointed but I would have rather have Argo win than Lincoln. Ben Affleck did a nice acceptance speech so I felt he deserved it already he wasn't nominated for Best Director.

   Well that's the end of this article. Sorry for not doing anything for so long. What did you think of the oscar results? Make sure to Comment and subscribe to Film Arts if you like my blog. Also like on Facebook or give it a +1 on google+. I have many plans for future articles so don't forget to come back soon for more movie articles.

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