Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar nominations: snubs and surprises

     First a "What the Heck"! than a "Hurray"! This is how I usually react when I come across the results of the nominations of the Oscars (which I posted earlier today). What I was talking about were the snubs and surprises of the results and here are my top 10 in the two ways:

10. Best original screenplay: The Ides of March                               O.K
9. Terance Malick for Best Director (The Tree of Life)                    O.K
8. Melissa Mcarthy for Best Supporting actress (Bridesmaids)         Yes!
7. Gary Oldman for Best Actor (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)             Yes!
6. Best adapted screenplay: Margin Call                                           O.K
5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close for Best Picture                 No!
4. Demian Bichir for Best Actor (In a Better Life)                            yes!
3. A cat in Paris for Best Animation                                               NOOO!
2. Chico and Rita for Best Animation                                            NOOO!

1. Nick Nolte for best supporting Actor (Warrior)                            Yes!
         It's about time the Academy Awards realise how good is "Warior".


10. Benett Miller for best director (Moneyball)                                  No!
9. Joseph Gordon Levitt for best actor (50/50)                                   No!
8. Kristen Dunst for best actress (Melancholia)                                  O.K
7. Charlize Theron for best actress (Young Adult)                             O.K
6. Albert Brooks for best supporting actor (Drive)                             No!
5. Micheal Fassbender for best actor (Shame)                                    No!
4. Alain Rickman for best supporting actor (Harry Potter an the Deathly Hallows part 2)  No!
3. Steven Spielberg for best director (War horse)                               No!
2. Andy Serkis for best supporting actor (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)   No!

1.The Adventures of Tintin for Best Animation                               NOOO!
          Eleminating "Tintin" was the Academy's worst decision this year!

      Do you agree with what I think? You can post a comment so people can see your opinion.


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  1. Agree that not nominating Tintin was not very brilliant, and quite disappointing.



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