Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Pianist (Not Adrian Brody)

Saturday, February 18, 2012, there will be a showing of the silent film "Sherlock Jr.", a classic comedy from 1924. Since the movie is silent. and without a soundtrack, there will be a live pianist who will be playing the music of the film while it is rolling. How cool is that? I had the chance to talk and ask questions to the famous pianist who has quite a busy schedule, Mr. Stephen Prutsman (For more information on Mr. Prutsman, please see

1. Is this the first time you play the piano for a movie?

A: No, I've played this silent film before ("Sherlock Jr.")  as I wrote the music for it. I also played the piano for other movies like some Charlie Chaplin films and "The cabinet of doctor Caligari" (1920).

2. Why did you decide to play the piano for "Sherlock Jr."?

A: It started out as a request for me to write the music for a silent movie, and people from Maine requested that I do "Sherlock Jr.". Since I wanted to do a comedy film, I accepted the request.

3. Would you like to play the piano for a movie again?

A: For "Sherlock Jr.", I am still going to perform it a few more times in other places in the United States and also in Canada.

4. Is it difficult to play the piano for 45 minutes, or are you used to it because of previous concerts?

A: I am used to do performances this long and when you play the piano, time goes by fast. It is not very difficult for me.

5. What other instruments are presented in this representation?

A: There also two violins, one viola, and a cello which form a Quartet . We also use kids toys like whistles and kazoos.

If you are interested to go see "Sherlock Jr.", it will be playing at the Randall Museum in San Francisco on Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 2:00 PM and at 5:00 PM. Not only is this going to be a unique chance to listen to world famous musicians while watching a classic movie, but all the proceeds are going to a good cause: Camp Azure which is a camp for children on the autism spectrum.

See you there!


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