Monday, July 9, 2012

533 kids is good

     It's serious, it's funny and it has absolutely nothing to do with the coffee you drink every morning. Starbuck is a French Canadian movie not yet released in the U.S (I saw it In France) staring Patrick Huard (Bon Cop, Bad Cop) as David Wozniak, a 42 year old loser who struggles in his life in Montreal, Canada. He soon discovers that he has 533 kids after donating sperm several years before and about a hundred of them wanting to know who their father, known under the pseudonym 'Starbuck', is. In case you didn't realise it's David. The story itself doesn't sound very interesting but screenwriter Ken Scott (Seducing Dr. Lewis) makes the film funny even with its serious plot mostly because of his lawyer friend who hates kids and that SPOILER ALERT: screws up BAD in an interview towards the end of the film.

    The film becomes more and more heartfelt as he gets to know more of his kids. From the middle of the film, David has a really big decision to take: Should he reveal his true identity? This decision makes you stay in your seat (if you wanted to get out because all the kids made your head hurt) and in case you didn't know don't worry about them because:
      • They are not babies but teenagers or young adults (so they aren't crying during the whole movie)
      • We don't deeply meet all 533 children so your head should be fine
    The main disappointment in the movie is a the end which I will not tell but I think it is like way too joyful for what just happened. Also the movie focuses on one of the kids more than the others and that kid isn't even a super major one which disappointed me.

     The film is very original in it's subject and has balance in most ways. I must mention Patrick Huard's good performance as a loser who tries to get a better life and same for Julie LeBreton expressing a totally different person (his ex wife/wife you'll get it it's weird). The film is not very popular and even if it's good is not “The event of the year” just to let you know it is not a must see. Now I have seen the original French version and no the translated in English but if you have a chance to see it, you shouldn't hesitate. B+


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