Wednesday, July 11, 2012

animation competition

   Guess what, France actually had a movie released two weeks before it opens in America. That movie is 'Ice Age 4' but at the same time still didn't release 'The Lorax' (out july 18). Anyways speaking about Ice Age (which I am not a fan of) and computer animations, wonder which ones really left a mark? Well I can't really tell you that but here is how I would classify these known titles:

15. Despicable Me                                               BAD / D-C
14. Ice Age
13. Open Season
12. finding nemo
11. Monster House                                            GOOD / C+-B-
10. Over the Hedge
9. Monster Inc.
8. Kung-Fu Panda
7. Brave                                                             GREAT / B-B+
6. Shrek 1-2
5. the incredibles
4. how to train your dragons
3. UP                                                               EXCELLENT / A's
2. Toy Stories 1-3


wall-e is my favorite. If you disagree in my order or have a different oppinion on computer animations, please comment (see article 'How to comment on my blog'). And for whoever has them, sorry for the links up here it's automatic and I can't change it.


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