Thursday, July 12, 2012

The French Bridesmaids

     “Wednesday, July 11 at the Gaumont Pathé theatre, you can watch the before premiere of “Bowling” starring Catherine Frot, Mathilde Seigneur and Firmine Richard with a conversation after the film with actress Laurence Arné and director Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar”. That was where I was last night! I took advantage of this event to meet the director and interview her really quickly:

1.       Mrs. Mention-Schaar, what brought you into choosing this job?

       Well, it came naturally and I actually was originally a producer then I started to write a script and after that directing but my choice of job was originally a producer. And in fact, even before that I used to be working at the Hollywood Reporter.

2.       Which scene in “Bowling” was the most difficult to film?

      There wasn’t really a scene that was more difficult then the others, maybe the scene of the bowling    finals with a few technical problems but not that big of a deal.

3.       Do you think about directing another film?
             Yes, I might but for now I’m looking to produce a movie so I might take a little break from directing. And for screenwriting, I will also definitely continue.

My review of Bowling:

     For “Bowling”, it’s a smart comedy about four very different people getting to know each other because most of them work at the birth center except one who owns and works at the bowling center. They get to know each other at the bowling but at the same time the main branch of the story is their fight for keeping the birth center which the director of the hospital wants to shut down. The humor is good and so are the performances even though here are things that look exaggerated a few times like when Mathilde and her husband speak at the same time. It's based on true evens and touched the people concerned in the case in Brittany. But else it’s a great ensemble and I give it a B.


From left to right: Laurence Arné, Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, Myself, a Journalist at the interview table in the Gaumont Pathé theatre.

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