Monday, July 16, 2012

Rise or Fall?

      We are all almost sure that the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” (TDNR) coming out next week (July 20th) is going to be good like the two previous ones but there isn’t just a competition of quality in Hollywood but a competition of profit. Of course we know that it’s going to get a lot of money but a few questions still stand in fans’ heads. Will it set a record like the previous one? Is it really the biggest blockbuster of the summer? And will it beat “The Avengers” or stay under it like “The Dark Knight”?

      Sadly, we can’t really know that before it gets released but we can try to predict it. The Dark Knight trilogy already attracted audiences from “Batman Begins” to “The Dark Knight” and might do the same for TDKR even if the villain (Bane) is not as famous as the Joker because it’s the final installment of the Batman series. Christopher Nolan also attracted a lot of new fans thanks to “Inception” so there might even be newcomers in the theatre rooms. Looking back at other final installments like Harry Potter 7 pt.2 which broke records like most money in a weekend, TDKR could do the same if everything goes well. TDKR is set to have minimum 500 million dollars and could surpass the previous ones except if other movies will catch the interest of other people that week.

      Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy probably beats the other movies this summer in popularity. TDKR stars a lot of famous actors like the previous ones but this time with newcomers to the series like Tom Hard (Bane) Anne Hathaway (Catwoman/Selina Kyle) and Marrion Cotillard. Chris was also very lucky again to have what might be the best date for a movie one year: July 20th not only because almost everybody’s on summer break this day but also because it’s the only movie being released this day. The only thing that might not make the film not as popular is that it features a minor villain never before seen on screen so it might not interest minor fans from coming. Overall, TDKR should be the biggest blockbuster this summer if it can beat its real competitor: “The Avengers”.

     While the Avengers could possibly beat TDKR in reviews (93% on http/ will it beat it in money? While “The Avengers” is still grossing right now around 600 million dollars, it also is the movie who grossed the most money on one weekend getting about 207 million dollars. It already beat “The Dark Knight” but this final installment of the Batman series could get as many people or even more. While TDKR didn’t start grossing yet critics are already turning in great reviews which should also attract a bit more people. With a 50/50 chance of winning the fight is going to be tough.

        I myself want to see TDKR a lot more than “The Avengers” even though I think it isn’t going to win. What do you think? Make sure to leave a comment if you have a point to say about who you think will win. Thanks for reading my article and see you next time.

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