Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stupid, Stupid Sequels...

   Unsurprisingly last week-end, Ice Age Continental Drift got bad reviews. Why? Because it’s a sequel that wasn’t made to be a masterpiece, but a movie to make money! Money seems to be the sole reason why we still produce some sequels these days. Ice Age 4 follows the same idea by scoring a week-end debut higher than Ice Age 3 (even though now Ice Age 3 is beating the 4th one). Since this type of sequels seems to be generalized, I made a list of some of this year’s stupid sequels:

   - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

   From the trailer, Ghost Rider seems to happen only in the desert or on a road with no clear story. The original movie already had bad reviews even though it made a fair amount of money, but no one imagined that there was going to be a sequel. For a movie released on President’s day week-end it barely made any money compared to the other movies. And the reviews are probably what you are thinking. Coming really soon in theatres, get ready for “Ghost Rider: Spirit of lack of dullness”.

   - Wrath of the Titans

   The original was a reboot of the movie from the 80’s which was also terribly acted. Wrath of the Titans is one of the first movie that is a sequel of a reboot (after "the hills have eyes 2") and it ended up really bad. It literally screws up everything you know about Greek mythology (for example: Poseidon and Cronus which are supposed to be immortal both end up dying in the movie). It made less than half of the money the original got on its opening week-end. Be ready to see a sequel in the same vein that could be “End the Titans all ready!”.

   - Madagascar 3
 Now, I won’t criticize this movie as much because this one was actually ‘lucky’ in receiving good reviews. I still find it a little stupid to call a movie “Madagascar 3” because it is not set in Madagascar. Why couldn’t it be set in Madagascar (same for the second installment)? This movie received more money than the one before so I’m guessing it’s not over. The must-see movie in a few years will be “Madagascar 4: Money success in America!

   For Ice Age, I find it weird that all the sequels use the same problem but in a different way like:

     - The Ice is melting = we have to get to a boat to survive a tsunami the ice is creating;
     - The ice is melting = we accidentally fall into a hole into a world of dinosaurs;
     - The ice is melting = we get torn apart on an iceberg, it becomes our ship, we meet Niki Minaj, and fight pirates!

   To conclude this article, don’t forget to check out in the coming years: “Shrek 5: The final, final chapter”,” Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 896”, and “Superman: I swear to god this time it’s the real return”!

   Do you have any stupid sequels in mind? If you do, please share them on the comments of this blog or on Filmart’s Facebook page. Thanks for reading my article and see you next time.


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