Saturday, July 28, 2012

shooting consequences

   I really wonder how it would feel when a producer is 100% sure that his film will get a really big load of money, and even beat records like most money in one week-end, and then on the day of the premiere, 12 people dead, 50 injured. The Dark Knight Rises was planning to receive about $215 million dollars on its first week-end beating “The Avengers” and becoming first place when in a small town in Colorado there was this- You know what, I’m not going to do another boring and repetitive report on that you already know all about it. What I’m here to talk about is what this deadly shooting caused and will cause for this film’s budget.

      The movie was supposed to top every other one but became third place (in most money on its first week-end) with $160 million after The Dark Knight ($158 million) and before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.2 ($169 million) and The Avengers ($207 million). It could have had $50 million more but fell behind because of most theatres all over the world decided not to do premieres nor advertisements after the tragedy and because some people wanted to show respect. Even though the two last batman films pretty much had the same amount of money on that week-end and that’s why people keep a watch on that.

   During the weekdays, The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR) slowed down and fell behind The Dark Knight (TDK) so for now it seems that respectful fans will either see it later or wait until it gets released on DVD. After a whole week TDKR fell down $13 million from TDK for example. What is going to happen though is that TDKR is going to top The Watch and be on box office crown again but that might be the last week since Total Recall is coming out after…

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