Monday, August 13, 2012

The completed trilogy

   More than 1 billion domestically and more than 2 billion worldwide. This is how much money Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy made at the box office so far. But these numbers will likely stop because it reached the last film. To go over these three great films, I reviewed them down below:

   Batman Begins:

   Christopher Nolan's new take on batman, unlike other superhero movies, has a much darker tone and deeper meaning, not just explosions (although there are quite a few). We can automatically see that this movie was very well though of because of how well the characters and the events in the film fits. The film also introduces the people well and takes his time to see Bruce Wayne's challenges and small tasks as he slowly becomes the Batman. The movie's main villain is not clear between Scarecrow and Ra's al-Ghul which both come together on a master plan to terrorize Gotham City. The end of the film is very promising for a sequel (like its title) since it just says those were the beginning/simple tasks. The worst is yet to come. Overall, Batman Begins is a film that understands how a legend starts and brings a new vision to superheroes. B+

   The Dark Knight

   And you thought Batman Begins was amazing. Christopher Nolan just get's better and better. Not only is this one a lot more suspenseful but has Heath Ledger doing the role of his life as the Joker. The film is a lot more complicated and rich in dialogue (like the movie's last line) than almost every superhero movies ever made because when you watch any superhero movie, you feel like "I've seen this before" or "This is getting old" even if it's entertaining but not The Dark Knight. The city of Gotham has never been in such threat after the arrival of The Joker brings another completely new vision of villains and all the other people playing the Joker. To conclude, The Dark Knight feels a lot more than a comic book movie but a thrilling dark movie. A

   The Dark Knight Rises

   Some people say that this movie wasn't good as the first two but I disagree. I think it improves on the first but was not quite the match for the second (but it's impossible to beat the second, so that's good). The Dark Knight Rises is not only rich in its new characters seismically John Blake very well played by Joseph Gordon-Levit but is also rich in its choice of shots and metaphors. It might be very thoughtful like all the others and in fact the most suspenseful of the trilogy but does not have all of the standards of all the other films. There are very low chances for a sequel for this film even though it is promising for one maybe later but it still concludes the series very well with a twist for the ones who haven't read the comics. The only thing I was unhappy about really was that Catwoman could have had been a little more of a supervillain. The Dark Knight Rises concludes the trilogy very well and is one of the most suspensful films I've ever seen. A-

   That was it for today, I hoped you liked the article and see you next time.


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