Monday, November 26, 2012

Review of a Life

   Of all the movies released on Thanksgiving, I chose to see Life of Pi. Director Ang Lee brings us a 3D film which actually really works with its incredible visuals. It is a film that really makes you ponder on the subject and also really emotional. It is a smart well paced almost fantasy film that builds up with little parts a big moral that you realize at the end. It's been a long time I haven't seen a film in 3D, (because of my Bad3Dmovieophobia) and this one is defenitly something worth putting your glasses on.

   Life of Pi is based on the book by Yann Martel by the same name as the book, about a teenager who get's stranded in the Pacific Ocean after a terrible thunderstorm which sank the boat he was on. He finds himself on a lifeboat, alone with a tiger and has to survive. The movie is kind of a Cast Away meets Slumdog Millionaire (not because they're Indian but because without everything he learned in his life, he wouldn't have survived). What really happens in the movie is that Pi is telling his story to a writer looking for a story which is funny because the author of the book Life of Pi is Canadian just like in the movie. The movie takes the first 30 minutes or so to see every lesson Pi learned in his childhood. It is long but without it, there would be so many things we wouldn't have understood on the lifeboat. The screenplay also includes quite a few good jokes even in moments of survival. The characters are very well developed which gives a boost of emotion when some die or are dying. There was no particular acting that shocked me enough to say it was amazing but every body was good. Oh and by the way, you feel the tiger's emotions too.                

   Life of Pi is said to be this year's Avatar but really, I think it's this year's Hugo because it has amazing visuals but not too over the top, this year's Avatar might be The Hobbit pt.1. Anyways I did saw this movie in 3D and I think this might be THE 3D experience of the year not just because it's awesome  but also because it helps the visuals and the sentiment you are supposed to feel in Life of Pi. I love that Ang Lee uses 3D not necessary to get money but to make a better movie.  Not a lot of people has done that since Avatar. Speaking about the visuals, one thing. Out of this world amazing. By that I mean Great Fx, great Art direction, great cinematography  also a pretty good music soundtrack. If this film wins an Oscar  it's in this category. And director too.

   Life of Pi is a stunning visual experience and achievement. It puts another great film in Ang Lee's resume. Some people have been saying the Oscar fight will be between Argo and Life of Pi. If it is, Then Life of Pi should win (but Ben Affleck for best director all the way) although there might be a better movie then Life of Pi maybe who didn't even get released yet. Life of Pi is no ordinary life, it's a life of great characters  a life of great environment, and a life of great lessons and emotions. So today I will grade a life and this life deserves an amazing A- 

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