Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bond is Back

   I've started to see the Bond movies when I was ten or so and loved them. Then, I don't know why but I stopped watching them. I don't remember much of them but just enough to want to go see Skyfall, the 23rd installment in the Bond franchise. I'm not going to lie, this film got me back to wanting to watch every Bond film ever released in chronological order, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig. The film brings back every memory or things you liked in the previous installments and packs it up in one. This will not make it to the Oscars (because it's an action film) but it is one of the best films of the year.

   The way the movie starts automatically goes to a classic kind of action scene (pretty long though) which get's you back in the Bond feeling. Then, when Bond falls off the train and nearly dies, the theme song by Adele kicks in and already the singing is good but the animation is great and relative to the story. So what's the story of Skyfall? See the second trailer it says it very well. There are so many exotic areas from China to Scotland in Skyfall that  improves a lot it's art direction. The character development is well made because it is made at the right time when the film needs it. The acting of Daniel Craig, Naomi Harris, and  Judi Dench were great but one person in particular was amazing  Of course, it's Javier Bardem as Silvia. He is the best Bond villain if you don't count Goldfinger and one or two more. When there were dialogues between Silvia and Bond, they say a joke about each other and it almost feels like a fight to see who steals the show. If there is someone to win an oscar in this film, it's Javier Bardem.
   The film is 2h 30 min and honestly, I never looked at my watch wondering "is it over yet?". o.k fine, once, because I was like "They showed all the pictures of the trailer, it's practically over". But it wasn't. What I love about this film that many others don't is that it doesn't spoil everything in the trailer. The one thing that disappointed me about Skyfall is what Skyfall is in the movie. For naming Skyfall the title of the movie, it must be important. Not really in this case. Skyfall focuses a lot  on Bond's past, more than any previous films. The only thing Skyfall didn't take from it's previous installements is a sex scene at the end with a bond girl and then MI6 calls him or whatever  They didn't put that in this movie. I'm not saying the ending was bad, it was just a little disappointing because they didn't completely stick to the recipe.

   Overall. Skyfall is one of the most entertaining and action packed film I have ever seen. It has great characters  a great screenplay, and a great environment for a Bond film. Again, I have not seen every Bond movie but I'm sure this one has got to be one of the best of the franchise. After seeing this I just want to see all the previous films ever made in chronological order. This movie had very few disapointments but it still has awesome fighting scenes or even a motorcycle chase scene. If Skyfall was to be reedited to make it better, it wouldn't take much time to fix all the little mistakes, but for now, I give it an A- 

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