Saturday, November 17, 2012

Argo review yourself

   I think everybody already nailed down the point that Ben Affleck is a great director. Argo is his 3rd major film he directs after Gone Baby Gone and The Town. In this film, he directs another thriller but this time based on the true story of the rescue of 6 americans in Iran. He finally shot a film in a setting outside of Boston. But will this be another great Ben Affleck film to add to his remarquable collection (it's a shame I haven't seen Gone Baby Gone) because we already know it's good.
   Argo takes the same kind of dark environment similar to The Town which keeps you in the "Ben Affleck movie" feeling which I find cool. This environment is Perfect for the story about an iran hostage rescue. Even with the environement though, I have not felt the really intense, suspensefull feeling of Argo until the last scene. I've heard people saying "OMG, the last half of the movie was so suspenseful my heart almost stopped" or that type of shananigans. Watch Psycho when it was first released and see what intesity is. But even with that disapointment, the movie took advantage of the situation to put in dark humror, and the jokes were great! I swear Argo went on top of the line for movie insults (probably why it's rated R) with the amazing catchphrase used many times: "Argo F*** yourself". This catchphrase was to criticize the terible movie Argo in this movie.

   Ben affleck usually puts himself in the leading role, but sometimes the leading role doesn't fit for him, the good thing about Argo is that in this case it does. I don't know if his acting changed from The Town or if it was just the 70's hair impression...I'm going to say he did a good job. But the unforgettable actor in this film was Alain Arkins as the film producer who is very cynical and just steals every scene like "If I'm gonna make a fake movie, it's gonna be a fake hit." It didn't sound very funny when I first heard it but with a little bit of context, I laught a lot. A few caracters disapointed me though. The familly of Tony Menndez. The kid is fine and after all, he is the one who sort of gives the idea to Tony about making a fake film but the ex-wife, even with a small role, makes me say "Does she really have to be here?". Because after the rescue, Tony comes back home and she falls in his arms. They are divorced and now that he did a great mission "Oh well let's come together again". -_-

    The movie is really entertaining (no wonder it got an A+ cinemascore) and has for the most part great caracters. The movie should get nominated for best picture but shouldn't win because of it's few flaws. If it does win it's probably because the goverment payed the oscars to get this film to win since we see the americans getting saved. Also the movie didn't include the part in the real story when the military comes to save the day but fails and the team dies just to cut out the parts when we see the U.S geting embarassed. Overall though I would probably see this film again because it's a great recreation of a historical event and another great film in the Ben Affleck collection. I give it a solid B+

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