Saturday, October 6, 2012

A new look at time travel...

   Marty time-traveled to the past to change his family, the Terminator time-traveled to the past to hunt and kill Sara Connors. But what would society use time-travel for. Looper is not only a smart new way to look at the bad side of time-travel, but a great story that gives you a break of the feeling you get from seeing usual big Hollywood blockbusters. The film seems fairly simple but the trailer tells nothing compared to all the surprises in the movie.
   Looper happens in the year 2044 and time-travel will be invented thirty years from now, which will be automatically outlawed and only used by criminals. These criminals send the person alive in the past where specialized assassins, called loopers, will be waiting to kill and get rid of the target. Joe, a looper, accidentally let's his target, his future self, escape. If you didn't understand, then don't watch it, it would be too complicated. If you did understand, go see it now. Except a few minor flaws, which are too small too mention, the only thing that disappointed me, was the time-travel theory they used. In this case, it was:: instead of going the same way as your future self, you can go a different path and change what will happen. It's hard to explain. To understand, watch this movie and watch Heroes (T.V show) and you'll see the difference.
   The cast all did a good job at playing their roles, and I especially liked the two Joes that kind of react the same way because you's the same person. It's a man hunt film and the screenwriter still manages to put jokes that are pretty good. Here's an example:
Boss: So how's your Mandarin commin' along?
Joe: French actually.
Boss: You should speak Mandarin boy, and go to China.
Joe: Well, I've already started learning-
Boss: I'm from the future, go to China.
Yes, I just said the boss was from the future, don't worry, no big spoilers. The trailer makes you think that the film is just a man hunt, but it's a lot more than that. The film has other things that made it more complicated, but if you understand these new layers, it makes it an awesome experience. I'm not going to spoil the end for you, but I think it's good because it tells you there isn't going to be Looper 2, and you guys know I hate stupid sequels more than anything. It was also satisfying, I mean it's not often you get an ending you like in movies these days. It felt different then the endings you see in regular Hollywood films.
   Otherwise, this film is so good that I would love to see it again because it made me think about it. For example, I asked myself: Is the kid a younger self of Joe because of the metaphor in the end? I finally said no- Oh, what, you don't like kids in sci-fi movies? Me neither. This one was good. I see so many good films that all the grades I give end up being good. I`m going to have to see bad ones to prove you I don't put good grades on everything. But for now, I highly recommend Looper because of its new reputation: `The first time-travel film coming out on September that's actually good`, and I give it a solid A-.

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