Monday, September 10, 2012

My Wistlist

   Have you ever wondered why John Wayne is so famous, why there are so many fake guns in toy stores, or even why woody in Toy Story is a cowboy? Because Westerns are so popular. Now westerns might be the movie genre with the least movies and not a lot of people today make some anymore (or it has to include aliens in it) but this little moments in history was so entertaining to watch and to make that it still became a genre. Why am I talking about this? Because Lawless came out just a week ago and I wanted to see it and review it (like I said last week) but sadly I couldn't so  instead I made a list of great films, in alphabetical order, in the western genre:

Butch casidy and the sundance kid
The good the bad and the ugly
high noon
magnificent seven
No country for old men
Once upon a time in the west
the searchers
 red river
Rio Bravo
True Grit (2010)
True Grit (1969)
3:10 to yuma

There you go, you got something to do for a while. All of these films are great but I know I probably missed quite a few that I don't know or just didn't put on my list. You can still share some westerns you liked and recommend in the comments or just if you have anything to say. Thanks for reading my article and see you next time.


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