Monday, September 3, 2012

The Great Wall of Evreux

   Definitely not as big as the Great Wall of China. This wall still measures about  24x12 meters. But why did I start the article this way: I should have explained it first. This wall stands in a 10 roomed movie theatre in Evreux, France. Why is it special enough for a movie buff like me to write an article about it? Because it's filled with posters of famous movies from all around the world. For example Japan (Princess Mononoke), France (Amelie), and of course, U.S.A (Rain Man, The Shinning, Ben-Hur...).
   This wall includes a great number of classics, but not a lot of recent movies. That's because this wall was built at the same time that the theatre was built. The architect of the theatre particularly liked movies and wanted to add a special touch. After building the theatre, he formed this wall in October 2001. This wall serves as decoration or else it would be a big empty grey or red wall with a couple of large posters of recent films next to it.
   All the posters you see on the picture is not all. This wall actually separates a theatre room from, well, the entrance. The poster part does not completely surounds the whole theatre room but goes on for one more whole side, that is, on the left of the picture (I don't have a good picture of that side). Even on that other side you can spot a few famous films from Who framed roger rabbit to Titanic or from Cinderella to American Graffiti.
   Even if the wall mostly includes French and American films, it is a great piece of culture for moviegoers and movie fans. It actually for instance gave me an idea to make a sort of powerpoint document with posters all over the place, to print it, and latter put in my room! To end this article here is a closer look at the main part of the wall:
  Thanks for reading my post.  my next one might be on Monday possibly with a review of Lawless but I'm not sure yet.


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